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  • Top 6 Craft Beers

    March 23, 2017

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    Picking your favourite IPA, Stout or Red Ale can be a difficult task. That’s why we decided to hold our very own craft beer awards. The Molloys Craft Beer Awards is in its very first year, and with a massive selection available in-store and online, it was difficult to narrow it down to a top 6 in each respective category. The top 6 were chosen by some of our craft beer experts.

    With hundreds of votes recorded over the course of the competition. The results are finally in; and we find it difficult to argue with any of these results, as they are all incredibly tasty brews, that must be tried!

    Congratulations to all of the brewers who were lucky enough to make it into the top 6 in each individual category.

    Best Pale Ale:

    Blacks of Kinsale: Kinsale Pale Ale

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    Blacks of Kinsale fought off some tough competition to win the Pale Ale Category; competing against the likes of Sierra Nevada, Brewdog and Lagunitas. Kinsale Pale ale is a delightful Pale Ale, with tropical and citrus flavours; it is easy to see why it's one of our customers favourites! Kinsale Pale Ale is on offer at Molloys (3 for €9.00)

    Best Label Design:

    Molloys: Fairy Ale of New York

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    This is our very own craft beer, made in collaboration with Rascals Brewing. Fairy Ale of New York had the daunting task of going up against  Yellow Belly, Beavertown and Trouble Brewing to win the best label design. These breweries make some of the best and most artistic labels in the industry. Fairy Ale of New York is a golden coloured ale with aromas of citrus fruits, pineapple and hints of tangerine.

    Best Red Ale:

    Galway Bay Brewery: Bay Ale

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    Galway Bay Bay Ale went up against some other fantastic Red Ales, including 8 Degrees Sunburnt Irish Red, Franciscan Well Rebel Red and Brewdog 5AM Saint. Bay Ale tastes of toffee malts, caramel sweetness and some slight bitterness. This is currently on offer in-store and online (3 for €9.00).

    You can read about Red Ales here!

    Best IPA:

    8 Degrees: Howling Gale

    8 Degrees Howling Gale just pipped the prize of Best IPA, beating Hope Brewery, Trouble Brewing and O Brother Brewing. Flavours of fruit and biscuit with a dry pine bitterness The 8 Degrees core range is currently on offer (5 for €10.00).

    You can read more about IPA's here!

    Best Stout:

    Founders: Breakfast Stout Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

    Founders Breakfast Stout is one of the most well known craft stouts around. It fended off the likes of Stone Xocoveza, Siren Broken Dream and Galway Bay Buried at Sea. Brewed with an abundance of flaked oats, bitter and imported chocolates, and Sumatra and Kona coffee.

    Best Of The Rest:

    Galway Bay: Of Foam and Fury 

    Galway Bay Brewery - Of Foam & Fury - 500ml

    Of Foam and Fury, one of the most anticipated beers to be released, it didn't disappoint. It went up against Beavertown Applelation, Stones Arrogant Bastard and Hope Peach and Blueberry Sour. Of Foam and Fury has sweet fruits, mango, tropical notes, juicy citrus, resinous hops, good bitter sweet balance, complex flavour, very drinkable considering the ABV.

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  • Dummie’s Guide to Champagne

    February 9, 2017

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    Dummie’s Guide to Champagne


    The name: Champagne is a sparkling wine named after the region where it’s made – Champagne, which is north-east of Paris. Only wines made in the traditional method from this region are permitted to call themselves Champagne.

    Taste: People forget that champagne is a wine, and has a very distinctive taste.  It’s very dry, with flavours of toast, yeast, bread, apple and lemon, sometimes nutty, and with refreshing acidity.  Champagnes have very lively, tiny, long-lasting bubbles.

    The bubbles: Each glass of champagne contains about 10 million bubbles.  The bubbles are created by a secondary fermentation in the actual bottle. The slower the fermentation, the finer and longer-lasting the bubbles.

    How it’s made: typically, wines from different varieties (and years) are blended, then bottled. A mixture of yeast and sugar is added to each individual bottle. The hungry yeast gobbles up the sugar, and creates bubbles and alcohol. These bubbles are trapped in the sealed bottle. The wine is then aged for a minimum of 15 months in cellars, some for much longer. Finally, the yeast is removed from each individual bottle, it’s re-sealed with a cork, and will be shipped shortly after. It’s a long and expensive process!

    Non-vintage: Most champagne is ‘non-vintage.’ If it doesn’t state a year on the label, it’s a blend of several vintages.

    Brut: Most champagnes sold are ‘Brut’ which means that they are dry. The trend has been to make even drier Champagnes in recent years.

    Grapes:  There are 3 grapes used in making Champagne: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Meunier (related to Pinot Noir).  Champagnes with more black grapes tend to be more structured and powerful (eg. Veuve Clicquot).  Those with more Chardonnay tend to be more feminine & elegant (Laurent Perrier).

    Dom Perignon: Most houses have a ‘prestige’ wine, which is about 3 times more expensive. This is made from the best vineyards, and aged for longer. Moet’s is Dom Perignon.

    Drinking occasions: Champagne has almost always been associated with victories, from Napoleonic wars through to Grand Prix racing in modern times.  Champagne and celebration has become intertwined as a result. It’s also the wine most associated with romance.

    Who drinks it? Champagne is very much associated with the fairer sex, and I don’t think they’d call that stereotyping… just as long as you’re buying!

    Calories?   Champagne is one of the lowest-calorie wines you can drink at around 150 calories for a generous 175ml flute…. perhaps the reason  supermodels drink it? It’s been proven that bubbles help absorb alcohol into the bloodstream more quickly.

    Price: champagne is always expensive. It’s a lot more expensive to produce than say, prosecco.  Some of the best-known houses price their wines at a premium, in an effort to position them as being more luxurious.  Better value can be had from grower champagnes and co-operative champagnes, like Jean Comyn (exclusive to Molloys).

    Food match: most people sip it solo. To really bring out the flavour, drink it with some savoury pastries like cheese straws or gougeres. It’s also super with sushi!

    Molloys top picks:

    Jean Comyn Champagne Gift Box

    Jean Comyn NV Champagne – this is one that Molloys import directly & here’s what The Irish Sun said of it: “Fine and smooth bubbles from a crisp dry Champagne, with citrus and green apples flavours, freshness and balance…. It took several phone calls to find out why this stand-out Champagne was so good and yet reasonably priced.”

    Bollinger Special Cuveé Champagne Brut NV 750ml

    Bollinger Special Cuvée, as favoured by James Bond…  amazingly lively and fresh, with really creamy mousse, great depth and length of flavour.  Made using 75% black grapes, and aged for much longer than normal.

    Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne NV 750ml

    Moët NV is instantly recognisable. Notes of citrus and flowers, decent and lasting bubbles, and a slightly nutty finish.

    Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne NV 750ml

    Veuve Clicquot NV  a rich style of champagne, with terrific freshness, elegance and depth of flavour (citrus, almonds, yeast).

    If you enjoyed learning about Champagne, you may be interested in learning about the Bordeaux wine region! Click Here to read on.

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  • 6 Incredible Red Ales

    February 3, 2017

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    Red Ale is wonderful, tasty and underrated. Not everyone can understand the flavour and depth of a good red ale. Those who do appreciate a good red ale know how dynamic it can be in terms of flavour. The reddish hue generally comes from a small amount of roasted barley. Many Red Ales are medium bodied, smooth with a caramel malt flavour and moderate carbonation.

    Craft beer experts in Molloys, had to whittle their favourite red ales down to a super 6. These 6 red ales were then entered into the Molloys Craft Beer Awards. All of them are unique in their own way, and they should all be tried!

    Siren Liquid Mistress 33cl

    Siren Liquid Mistress

    Is a bright red ale, with an ABV of 5.8%. Lovely burnt raisin flavours with a nice citrusy balance.

    Big Hop Red

    Rascals Big Hop Red

    A quite hoppy red ale with some distinct malt caramel. Lovely aromas of citrus and pine which complement the caramel and biscuit malt notes.

    BrewDog 5 AM Saint 330ml

    BrewDog 5AM Saint 

    Nicely balanced red ale, with a distinctive caramel malt flavour and nice fruit aromas.

    8 Degrees Sunburnt Irish Red 330ml

    8 Degrees Sunburnt

    Rich red in colour. Lovely burnt caramel flavours, which is balanced with a soft hop bitterness.

    Franciscan Well Rebel Red

    Franciscan Well Rebel Red

    Balanced hop/malt profile with a nice caramel and biscuit finish. Very easy drinking, accessible red ale.

    Galway Bay Ale 500ml

    Galway Bay Bay Ale

    Copper in colour with a malt forward flavour. Smooth, refreshing and very well balanced

    Molloy's Liquor Stores Logo

    We have a great selection of red ales online at the award winning and in store.

    Keep an eye out for our weekly tastings in store.

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  • Why Tequila Will Be The Drink of 2017

    January 19, 2017

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    Tequila looks set to follow in the footsteps of Gin and see a colossal growth spurt in 2017. If you haven’t noticed already, Gin has become an incredibly trendy drink to have in a bar or at home. The range of gin has increased tenfold due to craft distillers and the use of it in numerous cocktails.


    Tequila looks set to be a very trendy drink in 2017. Previous connotations that Tequila is just a shot to be knocked back and to get legless is passing. It is now becoming a drink that is to be tasted like a fine Bordeaux wine. The quality of Tequila has been improving steadily over the last few decades, and this has not gone unnoticed by the drinks industry juggernaut, Diageo. They have acquired the premium Don Julio brand, who have brought us Jose Cuervo, one of the most popular tequilas in the world. Other powerhouses such as Pernod Ricard have invested heavily in premium tequilas.

    Image result for premium tequila

    Most people’s experience with tequila would have been after having 8 pints, and in preparation to fuel hours of dancing, having a few shots of tequila, whilst grimacing. With that being said you should definitely give tequila another go. Tequila has incredible flavour and depth. You just have to know which one to buy and a little about tequila in general.


    Tequila is made from the agave plant and 100% agave is optimal. With premium tequila, you can sip it like a fine cognac; it has been likened to having the in-depth flavours of a fine whiskey and the smoothness of a high end vodka. With the expected growth of Tequila in 2017, expect to see tequila used in more and more cocktails.

    You can buy premium Tequila at the award winning

    Patron Silver Tequila

    Patrón Silver tequila is the perfect ultra-premium white spirit. Using only the finest 100 percent Weber blue agave, it is handmade in small batches to be smooth, soft and easily mixable.

    El Jimador Tequila Blanco 70cl

    El Jimador Tequila Blanco has a smooth and distinct agave taste with hints of citrusy sweetness. Clean and warm finish with soft, citrusy after-tones.

    Sauza Silver Tequila 700ml

    Sauza is crystal clear. Approachable aromas of jasmine and lime, followed by fresh agave and green apple aromas. Warm with a moderate bite and a hint of grapefruit with a medium bodied sweet finish with an almond like astringency.

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  • 10 Things to know about wines from Bordeaux

    January 12, 2017

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    If you’d like to learn about Bordeaux, the world’s most famous wine region, read on!

    1.It’s France’s largest Appellation Contrôlée region by far. Bordeaux produces twice as much wine as the whole of Australia!

    2.Bordeaux is often referred to as ‘claret’ in England. Claret is an Anglicised corruption of ‘Clairet’ which is a light red Bordeaux wine.

    3.80% of Bordeaux is red.

    4.Red varieties grown there are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc. There is more Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot planted here than anywhere in the world! You will also find small amounts of Petit Verdot, Malbec, Carmenère.

    Image result for bordeaux wine region

    5.It’s said that there are 10,000 estates in Bordeaux making wine. Some of the most expensive is Château Lafitte, which can sell for over €1,000 per bottle!

    6.Bordeaux wines can be divided into Left Bank (left of the Gironde/Dordogne rivers) – this includes Graves, and the Médoc, and its communes/villages of Margaux, St. Julien, Pauillac, St. Estephe. The best quality wines carry terms like ‘Cru Bourgeois’ and the very best are labelled ‘Cru Classé’.  ‘Cru Artisan’ is a recent quality labelling term, applied to smaller estates.

    7.Famous Right Bank wines include St. Émilion and Pomerol. In St. Émilion, ‘Grand Cru’ denotes very good quality, and the most expensive have ‘Grand Cru Classé’ on the label.

    8.Good value for money wines are labelled as ‘Bordeaux’, ‘Côtes de Bordeaux’ and ‘Blaye.’ These are mostly Merlot, making them softer and easier to drink.

    9.Many of the top Bordeaux wines are aged for up to two years in oak barrels.

    10.Vintages vary significantly in Bordeaux. Top wines from the best vintages are highly sought after.

    This year, the Bordeaux selection in Molloys is better than ever.   We’ve tasted through dozens of Bordeaux to bring you an amazing selection of good value Bordeaux from petit chateaux, which we know you will love!  Here’s a few to whet your appetite, but visit our French wines online to see more!

    l'Arrivet Haut Brion

    l'Arrivet Haut Brion Bordeaux Rouge  - medium-bodied, quite firm, with stewed black fruit, spice and a long fruity finish.  Excellent with hard cheeses, red meats, roasts.

    Hebrard Bordeaux


    Hebrard Bordeaux - fantastic quality Bordeaux, made in a modern fruity style; guaranteed to impress!  Exquisite layers of tobacco-pouch and cedar, mouth-filling ripe damsons & plums, with a hint of chocolate and spice.

    Chateau les Graves de Loirac Medoc, Cru Artisan

    Ch. les Graves de Loirac Médoc – this Cru Artisan wine does justice to its status - terrific fruit intensity (blackberry, black plum), with campfire smokiness, cloves, pleasant cocoa-like tannin, finishing long & fruity.

    Château Vieux Cassan

    Ch. Vieux Cassan Medoc is drinking really well; a great example of a mature Bordeaux, with classic vegetal aromas, stewed black fruit and toastiness.

    La Cour Fayard Pomerol

    Ch. La Cour Fayard Pomerol – a real treat for a Bordeaux buff!  Intense stewed plums, sweet spice, mocha, cedar are perfectly composed in this supremely elegant, lengthy Pomerol.

    Château Chante Alouette, St. Émilion Grand Cru

    Ch. Chante Alouette St. Émilion Grand Cru 2013 - powerful, with ripe intense fruits, exploding to give great concentration of dark fruit, graphite & toastiness; finishing very long.


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  • All you need to know about Indian Pale Ale (IPA)!

    January 6, 2017

    Craft Beer

    If you have paid any attention to alcohol or social media in the last year or so, surely you have heard the abbreviation IPA! Maybe you heard a snobby barmen tell a customer that they don’t have Heineken on tap, but they do have a very popular IPA “that they must try”. Maybe you even pretended to know what it was; but that’s none of my business.

    IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale, and no, it doesn’t mean the IPA the snobby barmen offered was from India. There are actually numerous stories and tales out there about the origin of IPA. It’s impossible to be 100% sure of the exact rendition. You will find the name George Hodgson fairly prominent in articles all over the internet, crediting him with the origins of IPA. The trouble with these stories is they don’t really align; it was said that during the 1700’s and 1800s, England held a massive colonial presence in India, which they did; and that the English soldiers and civilians had the goo on them for a few pints, which I would absolutely believe, considering it’s a bit warmer than Ireland over there!

    Image result for origin of indian pale ale

    Supposedly because it was such a long journey over to India traditional beer would spoil on the way over to Ghandi-land; but that’s not true as the beer could potentially last well over a year in the casks. George was said to have come up with a solution to this problem, by making a pale ale. But pale ales were around well before George Hodgson’s time. Eventually the pale ales that were being shipped over to India became known as “Pale Ale for India”, many years later becoming known as Indian Pale Ale, thus the abbreviation IPA. So all in all it was just a big marketing ploy.

    So that’s where the term IPA comes from; and IPA as a style of beer has grown astronomically. It’s a style that tends to have a high level of bitterness, which coincides with the amount of hops used when making this style of beer.

    There are also many types of IPA’s, which also means a variation in some characteristics. You can have American IPA’s, English IPA’s, Double IPA’s, Triple IPA’s and Experimental IPA’s and so on. I will delve into different styles of IPA’s in future articles.

    If you are looking for some amazing IPA’s we have a massive range instore and online. We stock over 400 craft beers! Try some of these great IPA’s.

    Brewdog Arcade Nation 33cl btlO Brother Brewing The Preacher

    You can also try your hand at making your very own beer. With theses amazing Beer Making Kits. You can read about them HERE!

    Beer Making Kit: Everyday IPABeer Making Kit: Black IPA

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  • Beer Making Kits

    December 19, 2016

    Beer Making Kit: Sorachi Ace Beer Making Kit: Everyday IPA

    Have you ever wondered how beer is made? How that refreshing and delicious liquid happiness all comes together? This is a thought that springs to my mind every time I try a new craft beer. Every craft beer is different, from aspects of the brewing process, down to the flavours that have been incorporated.


    The rise of craft beer has been meteoric; it has led to anyone and everyone trying to brew their own beer. There are now an incredible amount of micro-breweries spread across Ireland, and this is increasing on a regular basis. As you can imagine it’s one of the most intriguing things for a beer lover; I am sure many have even dreamt about making their own beer!

    Beer Making Kit: Warrior Double IPABeer Making Kit: Oatmeal Stout

    Now that dream has become a reality. You can now buy your very own Beer Making Kit. The Beer Making Kit is the perfect gift for all beer lovers. The Kit guides you through all the different processes required to make the beer of your choice. It’s like having your very own miniature brewery in the comfort of your own home. There is nothing quite like tasting a beer that you brewed yourself. The satisfaction of making your own been from start to finish brings a sense of pride and accomplishment.

    They come in a range of styles to suit everyone. They have a lovely Everyday IPA, Oatmeal Stout and a Single Hop IPA to name just a few.

    Beer Making Kit: Single Hop IPABeer Making Kit: Black IPA

    The beer making kits make an excellent gift for your other half, family or friends. It’s unique, quirky and a hell of a lot of fun, AND these babies are exclusive to Molloys Liquor Stores. They can be purchased in any of our shops across Dublin, or online at the award winning


    If you’re having trouble deciding on a craft beer gift, check out this article.



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  • Fairy Ale of New York

    December 14, 2016

    MacColl and MacGowan at the piano

    It’s clearly a clever play on the best Christmas Song of all time “Fairy Tale of New York”, well in my opinion it’s the best Christmas song of all time, and probably a good majority of the Irish population would share the same opinion! Producing a high quality Craft Beer is not easy. It takes time, planning and dedication; that’s exactly what went into the Molloys exclusive Fairy Ale of New York.


    After successfully producing a delicious Session Pale ale called “All Night Long” during the summer; which coincidentally, was released around the same time Lionel Richie was playing in Dublin; we decided we would please the masses by producing another brew, this time we made it a little stronger and a little hoppier.

    Fairy Ale Of New York


    We unfortunately don’t have our own brewery, so to make this beer we teamed up with Rascals Brewing, who are based in Dublin. They are incredible brewers and they produced the IPA exactly the way we wanted. They used an innovative hop-bursting technique, which has given the flavour profile an extra hoppy dimension.


    Fairy Ale of New York hit our shelves a couple of weeks ago, and it has received excellent reviews across the board. It is a limited edition craft beer and it will sell out at a rapid rate. You can buy this beer online at or in any of our stores across Dublin.

    Fairy Ale Of New York Gift Pack

    If you are looking for an excellent stocking filler, Fairy Ale of New York is the solution, it would also make an excellent Kris Kindle gift. We also have a massive range of hampers and craft beer packs available. If you’re unsure about what craft beer to buy your other half, friend or relative, read this article for advice.

    Taste of Ireland Explorer 8pk 50cl Whatever Ales You! 8 Pack 4x33cl-35.5cl / 4 x 50cl

    We are the leaders in craft beer retail. We stock over 400 craft beers in a number of our stores and online, at the award winning We recently won an award from RealEx, for the best eCommerce website. Our new website was recently launched. It’s simple to use and super easy to order online, straight to your home or workplace.

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  • Craft Beer Gifts For Christmas

    December 7, 2016


    The craft beer industry has grown at an astronomical rate over the last few years. Picking your craft beer in a specialist liquor store is similar to being a kid in a candy shop. The range of different styles, flavours and characteristics is endless. So it is always nice to have experts available to help you decide what to buy.


    At Molloys Liquor Stores, our staff are craft beer experts and enthusiasts; they will point you in the right direction. Sometimes it can be a daunting task purchasing craft beer, especially if it’s your first time. A lot of people are moving from commercial beer to craft beer, and it’s not always easy to know what type of entry level craft beer to buy. That’s why we train our staff, so they can put you at ease and help you decide what type of craft beer will tickle your fancy; whether it be an IPA, Pale ale, Stout or Porter we will find something to suit you.


    One craft beer we highly recommend would be Fairy Ale of New York. It’s a Christmas Pale Ale(IPA); it’s an all-round pleaser, it caters for the entry level craft beer drinker and those die hard beer snobs (ourselves included). AND it is exclusive to Molloys; it’s our very own IPA. You can read our other blog post about Fairy Ale of New York in the coming days.

    Fairy Ale Of New York Gift Pack

    When buying a Christmas present for someone, be it a friend, relative or other half; we have a great range of craft beer packs available. Which takes the hassle out of picking a Christmas present. They are already in a lovely presentation box and each beer has been chosen by one of our craft beer experts.


    Our taste of Ireland Explorer pack is one of our best sellers. It contains some of the best craft beers on the market. All of these beers are brewed in Ireland and they come from some of the most respected craft brewers in Ireland, Including Galway Bay, Bo Bristle and Wicklow Wolf.

    Taste of Ireland Explorer 8pk 50cl

    Another incredible pack, filled with a great mix of craft beer; would be the Whatever Ales you! pack. This pack is a no brainer, it includes high quality brews from Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas and Dungarven.Whatever Ales You! 8 Pack 4x33cl-35.5cl / 4 x 50cl

    We are going to make it even easier for you to get a great Christmas present. To save you the hassle of going to a crowded shopping district. You can order online at the award winning, we just won a fantastic award for our new website. We are the Realex best ecommerce website.

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  • Sancho Garcés Claims Gold

    October 19, 2016



    According to Gilbert & Gaillard “50 million consumers worldwide trust Gilbert & Gaillard’s expertise”. That’s a whole lot a wine drinkers; so they must know what they are talking about!


    Last week the Gilbert and Gaillard global international competition took place. This competition sees a vast amount of high quality wines entered into an extremely competitive competition; with only the very best wines getting recognition.


    The wine which triumphantly grasped gold, was a fantastic Rioja, exclusive to Molloys Liquor Stores. The exquisite Sancho Garcés 2013 vintage, was deserving of the Gold medal in its relative field.


    We are never happy to rest on our laurels, and you can be confident that Molloys will continue to get the very best wines from around the world, exclusive to our stores and online. We like to go directly to the vineyards so we know the ins and outs of every wine we bring into Molloys; these wines that we source straight from the vineyard, cannot be purchased in any other store in Ireland.


    You can buy Sancho Garcés instore or Online.


    Sancho Garcés:  Smooth, medium bodied firm but silky wine, laden with ripe dark berry flavours, sweet vanilla, and a lick of spice. Gorgeous long finish.


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