Wine: Top Rated

We stand over the quality and value of all our wines in Molloys. 

In seeking out great wines, we are looking for wines which have plenty of flavour, and a long finish.

We value balance in a wine; for example, alcohol and acidity shouldn’t be aggressive. 

We know that our customers have varied tastes in wine.  Each wine should be ‘true to its class’ and therefore we are also looking for ‘typicity.’ 

From time to time, we have wines that really stand out.  This may be due a variety of factors - good weather, longer ageing, a talented producer, a special vineyard, an experimental batch or an innovative style of wine. 

To help you identify these, you will sometimes see a wine rating, along the following scale.  It’s not a guarantee that you will like it, as tastes vary, and each wine is assessed relative to its category. We deliver great value on all our wines, so price isn’t factored into this ranking.  

  • 95-100                 Outstanding.  A must-try.                                                                                          
  • 90-94                   Exceptional!  Significantly better than others in its class.                                
  • 85-89                   Very good; above average in its class.
Beauvignac Chardonnay from €12.50
Botter Prosecco Spumante from €17.99
Botter Rose Prosecco Spumante from €18.99
Brilla Rosé Prosecco Spumante from €20.99
Ca Vittoria Appassimento from €15.99