Beer: IPA

Welcome to Molloys Liquor Store's IPA Beer category, where hop enthusiasts and beer aficionados can explore a world of bold flavours, aromatic profiles, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Known for their assertive hop bitterness and aromatic qualities, India Pale Ales (IPAs) have become a cornerstone of the craft beer movement. Get ready to embark on a hop-filled adventure as we present a carefully curated selection of exceptional IPAs from both local and international breweries.

Our IPA Beer category showcases a wide range of styles within the IPA spectrum. From classic West Coast IPAs with their resinous pine notes and citrusy hop flavours to hazy New England IPAs boasting juicy tropical fruit characteristics, our collection offers something for every hop lover's palate. Discover the complexity of double IPAs with their intensified hop profiles or delve into the world of experimental hop varieties in our rotating selection of limited-edition IPAs.

At Molloys Liquor Store, we are dedicated to providing you with the finest IPAs crafted by passionate brewers. We work closely with renowned breweries to curate a selection that represents the diversity and innovation within the IPA category. So, whether you're seeking a hoppy delight to savour on a sunny afternoon or a bold and aromatic IPA to pair with your favourite dishes, our IPA Beer category has you covered. Dive into the world of IPAs and embrace the hoppy adventure that awaits. Cheers to the joy of discovering exceptional IPA beers!