Say Hello to Rosé!

Say Hello to Rosé!

Things are finally looking up!  Not just in relation to restrictions, but warmer temperatures too.  And in wine terms, that means ‘Hello Rosé!”  

At Molloys we recognise that Rosé wine is not just one style, but many, each with its own personality.  Let us introduce you to some new friends, as well as share some of our favourite ‘old  acquaintances.‘  

Most on-trend is Provence-style Rosé.  It’s the palest of pale Rosés in colour (like most Irish complexions at this time of year), with very delicate flavours and light alcohol.  Whispering Angel is the posh aristocrat of this elite set.  We’ve found two more affordable cousins, similar in style - Paul Mas Rosé Pasteland Orée des Roses.

The Rosé with the biggest fan-base is White Zinfandel – a medium-sweet style Rosé, with watermelon and candy flavours and moderate alcohol. It’s all about family in the weeks ahead – the Molloy family also offer you Gallo White Zinfandel,made by another family, the (more sun-tanned) Gallos in California. Old favourites like Mateus Rosé will win brownie points when re-uniting with your auntie or Granny. 

Fruity, floral and refreshing Rosé wines are what we dream of.  Popular for garden get-togethers (Tony Holohan would approve) we’ve brought in a new  Solare Rosé  and 2021 also sees the return of Terrasses du Moulinas.

If you like your Rosé a bit richer in colour, flavour and body, for pairing with barbecues, Dark Horse Rosé is your man.  Cantina Zaccagnini Rosé is another great option for those who think Rosé wines are just for girls.

Our Sparkling Rosé wines are perfect mini-treats to celebrate coming out of lockdown.  Bring a bit of bling to the occasion with Prosecco Valdo Rosé, Brilla! Prosecco Rosé and Secco Sparkling Rosé

And finally, many of us have learned to become more kind in recent years.  The winery who makes Care ‘Solidarity’ Rosé donates 10% of the cost price to breast cancer treatment.  It’s also vegan-friendly, and a great Rosé too – winning the National Off Licence Award for Best Rosé 2021.

All these Rosé wines are on offer in Molloys stores and at HERE, now and for the next few brighter, sunnier months ahead. Enjoy!