5 tips to choosing wine for Christmas Day

5 tips to choosing wine for Christmas Day

If you have been elected to choose wine for Christmas Day, read on…

Selecting a ‘perfect’ wine can be a minefield – there’s so much to choose from!  And everyone has an opinion on wine these days.  And your job isn’t made easier when you have ‘wine snobs’ in the family. 

That’s where Molloys can help! Our experts have tasted thousands of wines – let us guide you!

Tip 1: you don’t have to spend a fortune.   

Tip 2: first impressions last – pop a lovely sparkling wine beforehand. 

Tip 3: buy something that will appeal to everyone.  

Tip 4: think about how it will taste with the food – this is where we can advise you.

Tip 5: drink a glass of water for each glass of wine – have plenty to hand.

Popping open a bottle of sparkling wine is an audible cue to kick off the festivities!  To create that precious pop, you need a bottle of fully sparkling wine – one which comes with a wire cage/muzzle.   

Brilla Prosecco looks very festive, with its sparkly ice-crystal label. And it tastes great too – light and fresh tasting, with plenty of tiny bubbles.   Make sure it’s served really well chilled for maximum impact – a good tip is to also pop the glasses in the fridge for 5-10 minutes.

Now let’s talk turkey… Because it’s a naturally dry meat, a wine with high acidity can seem even drier and more acidic with turkey.  We very much recommend a wine with medium acidity and fruity flavours.   

Zinio 'Street Art' White Rioja   is our top white recommendation for turkey this year. As recommended in the Irish Sun "good intensity, nicely balanced acidity, and freshness, with citrus, pear, and green apple notes.".  We think everyone will love it, and it won’t break the bank.

If you do prefer something more crisp and refreshing, we recommend our Sancerre from Jean Max Roger. This Sauvignon Blanc wine is lively, fresh, with lemony flavours and a flinty finish. 

Both of these wines have been recommended in the press.  Matt Nugent in the Irish Sun described this Sancerre as “affordable luxury wine…enjoyment you'd expect from a Sancerre costing €5 more.”

Now, onto reds…

Ideally, you want a red with plenty of flavour, but with medium tannin. (A wine with high tannin will seem dry and bitter with turkey). 

From years of experience, we can tell you that Rioja Reserva is the most popular red you can choose for a group of wine drinkers. And it goes really well with turkey, ham, and indeed most meats/savoury dishes.  Sancho Garces Rioja Reservais deliciously soft and smooth, with rich flavours of damson and dried fig, and savoury earthy notes.  Most Rioja Reserva is over €20, but as we import this directly, we are quite happy to pass the saving onto you. 

If you like a bit more body, Plan de Dieu to Christophe Monget Pinot Noir blend. As recommended in the Irish Sun "a wonderful, organic blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay, from the centre of France’s Loire Valley. And the marriage of these two grape varieties works so well. A pale ruby colour in the glass, with a bouquet of morello cherries, raspberries, and cranberries." 

Bring these to the table an hour or two beforehand, to bring them up to around 18°.  And open them at the same time to let them breathe a bit. 

Finally, don’t forget to drink the water!