Valdo Floral Jungle Edition

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Valdo Floral Jungle Edition is a tribute to joy and colours.  It is a call to a simple lifestyle, to green responsibility, to sharing and to energy and positive vibes.  Designed by Illustrator and Fashion Designer, Fabrizio Sciavi, the 2018 edition of Valdo Flora 2018 reflects the flora of the summer months.  (Sciavi has collaborated with Ferrari, Giorgio Armani, Andy Warhol and photographer, Oliviero Toscani among others).

The ultimate aperitif, Valdo Floral is a sparkling Rosé made with southern Italian grape Nerello Mascalese.  On the nose it has a fine, elegant and complex structure with aromas of blossom and ripe raspberries. The palate has a pleasant tickle of delicate bubbles.