Country of origin: ireland

Thin Lizzy Irish Whiskey

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Rock Legends Meet Traditional Craftsmanship

Step into a harmonious blend of rock 'n' roll legacy and masterful distillation with Thin Lizzy Irish Whiskey. This unique collaboration marries the musical genius of Thin Lizzy members Scott Gorham and Brian Downey, with the time-honored traditions of West Cork Distillers, all under the watchful blessing of Phillip Lynott’s family.

Taste Profile:
Each pour captivates the senses with dominant vanilla notes, a hint of enigmatic smokiness, and a long, malty finish. The choice of double charred oak casks for finishing imparts a richness and depth, making every sip a soulful experience.

After numerous tasting sessions, the collaborators settled on an intriguing blend of grain and malt Irish whiskies. The unique choice of finishing in double charred oak casks not only adds complexity but also pays homage to the fiery spirit of rock music.

In every bottle of Thin Lizzy Irish Whiskey, there lies a tribute to the legendary music, the camaraderie of the band, and the undying spirit of Phillip Lynott. It’s more than just a drink; it's a journey through musical epochs and Irish whiskey-making traditions.

Whether you're celebrating a special moment or simply reliving rock anthems, Thin Lizzy Irish Whiskey promises a taste that lingers, much like the timeless tracks of the iconic band.