Retro Blast Gift Hamper: Ultimate '90s Themed Drinks and Sweets Collection

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🕺💫 Take a Delicious Dive into the '90s with Our Retro Blast Hamper! 💫🕺

Do you miss the bold flavors and iconic snacks of the '90s? Look no further! Our Retro Blast Hamper is a time machine packed with the beloved drinks and treats that defined a decade. Perfect for gifting or indulging in a bit of nostalgia yourself!

🍷 Featured Drinks:

  • After Shock Blue (70cl): A cool citrus liqueur that delivers a vibrant blue buzz of flavor and an electric aftershock of pure '90s spirit.
  • Fat Frog Green & Pink (33cl cans): The legendary duo that made every '90s party hop. Pop open the fun with these iconic, fruity canned cocktails.
  • Cool Shot Cocktail Shooters (5 x 2cl): Mini but mighty, these shooters are ready to kickstart your trip down memory lane with a splash of fun.
  • 2 Plastic Shot Glasses

🍫 Retro Sweets:

  • Dip Dab: A sherbet delight with a lollipop perfect for dipping and dabbing into pure sugary nostalgia.
  • Caffreys Mint Crisp: Classic chocolate with a refreshing minty twist, a '90s favorite for a sweet escape.
  • Stinger Bar: The chewy, zingy bar that'll zap your taste buds back to the days of neon and nickelodeon.
  • Wham Bar: A blast of fizzy fruitiness in a chew bar that's all about the '90s vibe.
  • Refresher: The original lemon flavor that refreshes you with its fizzy sweetness and tangy kick.
  • Double Dip: Double the fun with this orange and cherry flavor fizz dip and a swizzel stick - a dual treat that's doubly delightful.
  • Swizzles Whistle:Get ready to make some noise with the Swizzles Whistle, the classic confectionery with a playful twist! This whimsical sweet treat is not only a burst of delicious fruity flavor but also doubles as a fun toy to toot.

So whether you're looking to relive the best days of your youth or introduce a friend to the rad tastes of the '90s, our Retro Blast Hamper is the ultimate throwback treat that delivers a delicious dose of nostalgia!