Country of origin: Ireland

Proper No. Twelve - Irish Apple - Conor McGregor - 70cl

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35 % ABV 70cl

The Allure of Dublin Meets the Orchard's Embrace

Venture into a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation with Proper No. Twelve's Irish Apple Whiskey. Conceptualized by the iconic Conor McGregor, this unique blend captures the heart and spirit of Dublin and intertwines it with the refreshing essence of orchard-fresh apples.

Taste Profile:
Every sip is a journey that starts with the time-honored notes of Proper No. Twelve's golden grain and malted barley. As the familiar notes of vanilla and toasted wood unfold, they're met with the crisp and invigorating hints of green apples, culminating in a taste experience that's both nostalgic and novel.

Distilled and aged with the meticulous precision that Proper No. Twelve is renowned for, this whiskey brings a twist with its infusion of apple essences. Drawing from Ireland's untouched spring waters and fertile soils, the result is a harmonious balance of robust whiskey character and fruity vibrancy.

Honoring the unyielding spirit of its creator and the vibrant community of Dublin 12, this Irish Apple Whiskey is a testament to innovation rooted in tradition. It captures the essence of shared tales, camaraderies, and the bold spirit of exploration.

Raise your glass to new horizons while staying anchored in timeless traditions. Proper No. Twelve's Irish Apple Whiskey: Where Dublin's heart meets the orchard's soul.