Country of origin: Ireland

Proper Twelve - Irish Whiskey - Conor McGregor -70cl

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40 % ABV 70cl

The True Spirit of Dublin, Crafted with Passion

Delve into a whiskey experience that's as rich in heritage as it is in flavor. Proper No. Twelve, conceptualized and brought to life by the iconic Conor McGregor, is more than just a drink – it's a tribute to the bustling streets of Crumlin, Dublin 12, where dreams meet determination.

Taste Profile:
Savor the harmonious fusion of golden grain and full-flavored malted barley. Aged a minimum of three years in the finest bourbon barrels, this whiskey unfolds with each sip. Subtle undertones of vanilla blend with honey-like sweetness, culminating in a symphony of toasted wood. The result? A whiskey that's both sophisticated and approachable.

Distilled, aged, and bottled with precision in the heart of Ireland, Proper No. Twelve stands testament to the region's renowned rich soil and untouched spring water. Every drop carries the legacy of the land, ensuring a taste that's smooth, balanced, and unequivocally Irish.

Echoing the values of brotherhood, loyalty, and relentless hard work, this whiskey captures the essence of its founder, Conor McGregor. Each bottle of Proper No. Twelve tells a story – of dreams, challenges, and the unyielding spirit of Dublin 12.

Whether you're reminiscing old memories or creating new ones, Proper No. Twelve promises a journey deep into the soul of Ireland, one glass at a time.