Country of origin: ireland

Le Grá Premium Irish Lager 33cl

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4.5 % ABV 33cl Lager

TASTING NOTE: This 4.5% ABV golden lager boasts a rich, smooth taste with subtle fruit notes and an incredibly crisp, refreshing finish. But it's more than what's in the glass - it's about honoring the values of faith, hope, love, and luck symbolized by our iconic four-leaf clover.

Irish Olympic hero Michael Conlan is the ambassador for Le Grá, embodying the proud and resilient Irish spirit in every bottle. Though injustice tried to shatter his dreams at Rio 2016, the unwavering support of the Irish people propelled him to future triumphs - a story that resonates with Le Grá's ethos of overcoming adversity through faith, hope, love and 'The Magic Within'.