Country of origin: Italy

Gran Passione Rosso Veneto


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14% ABV Corvina Merlot 75cl

TASTING NOTES:We are amazed by the quality of this and know you will be too! Fashioned on Amarone, this is full bodied yet smooth, with generous dark and dried fruits, sweet spice and a rich warm chocolate and fruity finish.

FOOD MATCH: Superb with strongly flavoured dishes. Try barbecued steak, venison, duck.

RECOMMENDATIONS: "... it's absolutely lovely; it's really dark, intensely fruity, you're going to get a slightly raisiny edge to it; this one is really delivering! " - Movies & Booze, Moncrieff Show, Today FM.

"sexy, velvety, amazing". 5/5 would buy it again - as "a special gift for parents... " - Food & Wine magazine, August 2014.