Country of origin: Spain

Citizen Wine Ginja Ninja Orange Organic 75cl

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12% ABV 75cl
A delicious orange wine made from Organic Verdejo grapes which, unlike white wines, are macerated and fermented with their skins to add subtle tannins, citrus flavours, and a characteristic ginger colour. Razor-sharp freshness, combined with a little extra grip from the tannin means the Ginja Ninja packs a punch like a slap in the face with a nunchuck!
The grapes for this spectacular wine are picked from vineyards grown under strict organic growing criteria in a balanced, caring and sustainable way. The vineyard’s soils play a major role which favours rapid assimilation of reincorporated organic matter.
This unfiltered wine may look cloudy when poured into the glass. Tasting Notes: Marmalade, Citrus, Orange and Yeast notes, This wine pairs with sausages, seafood and cured meats.