Country of origin: Argentina

Four Winemakers Malbec B Batismo

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13% ABV Malbec 75cl

Introducing Four Winemakers Malbec B Batismo Bottle, a tribute to Argentina's iconic grape, Malbec. This exceptional wine showcases a deep purple color with bluish hues and enticing aromas of fresh red and black fruits. On the palate, it delivers round and silky tannins, offering a persistent and elegant finish.

Crafted with passion and precision by a group of friends who share a deep love for winemaking, Four Winemakers Malbec B Batismo Bottle represents their shared vision to revolutionize the art of winemaking. These talented winemakers are committed to introducing their innovative ideas and bringing exceptional wines to your table.

As Argentina's national beverage, this wine truly embodies the country's spirit and tradition. It is proudly crafted using sustainable, vegan-friendly winemaking practices, ensuring that every bottle is both delicious and ethical.

Indulge in the rich flavors of Argentina with Four Winemakers Malbec B Batismo Bottle - a wine that is sure to astound you with its impeccable quality and unforgettable taste.