Country of origin: Spain

Cossetània Cava Rosado 75cl

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Quite pale, and bursting with very fine long-lasting bubbles.  Dry, with generous flavours of pink grapefruit, blood orange, peach, red plum and floral notes.                

The producer recommends blue cheese, patés. We recommend poached salmon!             

Cossetania is the ancient name given to the tribe in this area. The wine is made by a group of 16 cooperatives, established in 2005.  Collectively, this represents over 2,000 families, farming over 20% of the total Catalan growing area. Many of the winery buildings date back over 100 years, and are admired as monuments by followers of Gaudi.   60% of this land is certified/being certified as organic (and used for specific organic cavas).  In addition, the group has strong policies on environment, sustainability and working practices.                 

Varieties: 100 % Trepat