Country of origin: France

Cointreau 5cl Miniature

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40 % ABV 5cl liqueur
Cointreau Orange Liqueur Miniatures From one of the world’s first producers of Triple Sec (the other one being Combier), Cointreau miniature is an essential flavour to include if you’re serious with your cocktails. First released in 1875, the Cointreau Triple Sec miniature is formulated using a combination of sweet and bitter orange peels beautifully blended with alcohol distilled from sugar beets. Since then to this day, Cointreau Liqueur miniatures have become a must-have for any well-stocked bar since its well-embraced orange taste is almost always a preferred addition to the world’s most preferred cocktails. Unlike inexpensive triple sec orange liqueurs that leave your palate unsatisfied, a cointreau miniature delivers nothing but satisfaction to the senses from the nose, to the palate and all the way to the sensational finish. Cointreau mini bottles open up to the fresh aroma of oranges with marked sweetness. On the palate, the sweetness of orange and the subtle bitterness of the orange rind bring a well-balanced flavour that also makes the distinct tastes of citrusy lemon and grapefruit known. A Cointreau small bottle also provides just the right volume of liqueur for making candied fruits, orange loaf breads and cakes, and other orange-flavoured desserts. Cointreau mini also makes orangy pancakes with a spike. Bottled at 40% ABV, Cointreau Orange Triple Sec may also be taken neat, chilled and straight from the bottle.