Country of origin: Netherlands

24 Ice Frozen Cocktails Mojito 5 Pack

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5 % ABV 5 pack

Cuban party with Mojito
The refreshing Frozen Cocktails are pop tails in all kinds of colours and flavours. One of these colourful flavours is the classic Mojito ICE.

The Mojito is one of Cuba’s oldest cocktails. Nowadays, the Mojito is the most refreshing thirst quencher in the nightlife, which is now also available in the form of cocktail ice cream. The original Cuban cocktail consists of 5 basic ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, carbonated water and mint.

How does it taste?

The Mojito ICE has the original Mojito flavour. Enjoy this refreshing summer cocktail with the recognizable taste of mint.

How does it work?

Freeze the liquid sticks at a temperature below -18 °C (standard freezer). The pop tails taste best when completely frozen. The Frozen Cocktails contain 5% alcohol and only 56 calories each.