Thanks! IPA

Molloys & Porter House brew co have teamed up with local Dublin artist Claire Prouvost to create a beer of thanks! A Thank You to everyone who kept the show on the road throughout the pandemic.

Thanks To You! The Frontline Heroes, The Doctors, The Nurses, The Gardaí, The Paramedics, The Fire Brigade, The Teachers, The Students, The Parents, The Schools, The Shops, The Staff, The Pubs, The Hotels, The Restaurants, The Takeaways, The Delivery Drivers, The Chefs, The Cleaners, The Funeral Directors, The Churches, The Musicians, The DJ's, The Newlyweds, The Builders, The Farmers, The Hairdressers & Barbers, The Butchers & Bakers, The Every Day Worker & Those who sacrificed it all. Thanks for helping keep the show on the road. We raise a glass to you! Thanks!