Country of origin: Italy

Ca Vittoria Appassimento

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14% ABV Merlot Negroamaro Primitivo 75cl

A rich, intense, full-bodied red wine with black plum, black cherry, cocoa and vanilla spice notes. Easy drinking and pairs well with red meats, especially roasted meat dishes, and mature cheeses.

The Rosso IGT Puglia Vino Appassimento Gold Release from Ca Vittoria is a 60% Negroamaro, 25% Merlot, 15% Primitivo blend of grapes grown and harvested in the Salento area using the 'passito' method, with picking occurring as late as October. Once ripe the grapes are allowed to mature on the vine for about 15 days, naturally drying out. Roughly 50% of their weight and moisture is lost, leaving the fruit with a very high level of sugar and in turn a relatively higher alcohol content in the finished wine.