Country of origin: ireland

White Hag Puca Pineapple Lemon Sour 33cl Can

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3.5 % ABV 33cl sour
The Púca was a mystical force, a ghost like creature manifesting in multiple forms. Our ancestors believed that beer was created magically, a sort of soup possessed by the spirits. Wild yeast was of course the magic at play & for this cloudy, crisp and tart beer we foster our own wild yeast that brings Púca Pineapple to life.

A mixed fermentation beer, brewed with our house cultivated wild yeasts. Moderately tart with a crisp, intensely refreshing finish.

Pouring vibrant pineapple yellow, Púca Pineapple has a fresh, tropical aroma. This sweet yet tangy beer delivers a hit of pineapple, with hints of tart lemon