Country of origin: United States

Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Tuxedo Gift Pack 70cl

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70cl bourbon

Gentleman Jack is extremely soft and mellow as it is the only whiskey which has been double-filtered through maple wood: firstly before being transferred to the cask and, for Gentleman Jack only, filtered a second time when fully mature, right before the bottling.

At the time, Jack Daniel tried to double-filter its first whiskey himself, but available techniques did not allow for a successful product. His successors picked up on the idea and created Gentleman Jack in 1988. This last one completes the Tennessee Whiskeys range.

Gentleman Jack is full-bodied, with rich notes of fruits and spices, and a subtle, silky, warm and pleasant finish. Be proud when sipping Gentleman Jack, as it is the whiskey of a gentleman.

Its aromatic profile lends itself perfectly to mixology but it can also be enjoyed dry or over ice.