Country of origin: Scotland

House Tully - Singleton of Glendullan Select - Game of Thrones

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40 % ABV 70cl
Warm Speyside Scotch from The Riverlands.

The golden liquid in this bottle was concocted on the banks of the River Fiddich in the woods of Dufftown, where the cleanest water becomes the Spirit's blood while a water wheel turns the river into power. House Singleton could easily be House Tully at Riverrun, taming the river gods in the name of Lord Paramount of the Trident. The spicy Glendullan is decorated with a jumping trout, the sigil of House Tully.

Each bottle tells a wonderful story about one of the Seven Kingdoms and each has a character so unique, we're afraid the Writer might kill it off. It's time to bring some medieval intrigue to your home bar and hum the intro theme.