Country of origin: Scotland

House Targaryen – Cardhu Gold Reserve - Game of Thrones

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46 % ABV 70cl
A bottle of Cardhu is a descendant of Scotland's own Daenerys, Helen Cumming, who was together with her daughter-in-law Elizabeth a badass Whisky-maker in the industry dominated entirely by men. Fueled by their fierce spirits, they created fiery Spirits that would make the dragons bow. And the lovely toasted characters from hand-picked oak casks is like from a dragon's fire. Celebrate strong and independent women with lizardy weapons of mass destruction by their side, and we shall Khaleesi you by the fireplace with a bottle of Cardhu.

Each bottle tells a wonderful story about one of the Seven Kingdoms and each has a character so unique, we're afraid the Writer might kill it off. It's time to bring some medieval intrigue to your home bar and hum the intro theme.