Country of origin: Scotland

House Greyjoy – Talisker Select Reserve- Game of Thrones

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45.8 % ABV 70cl
This bottle pledging allegiance to House Greyjoy is embellished with a Lovecraftian deity of the Drowned God. The liquid inside was created in the most rugged and remote area of Scotland, on the shores of the Isle of Skye, where one can hear the deep humming of the Kraken. The maritime character of Talisker Select Reserve will teleport you straight to the Castle Pyke where the air is salty with high possibility of Ramsays. Have a glass of this intensely smoky Single Malt and keep a hungry hound nearby.

Each bottle tells a wonderful story about one of the Seven Kingdoms and each has a character so unique, we're afraid the Writer might kill it off. It's time to bring some medieval intrigue to your home bar and hum the intro theme.