8 Degrees Pilgrims Path Italian Pils 44cl Can

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44cl Pilsner
The Pilgrim’s Path takes the faithful to the summit of Mount Brandon on the picturesque Dingle Peninsula. This mountain is named after St Brendan the Navigator, one of the early Irish monastic saints in the sixth century.

Brendan was a travelling monk who sailed the seas to preach the gospel. As legend would have it, as an elderly man he embarked in his curragh on an epic quest to find the mythical Isle of the Blessed. There are no reports that he found that spot, but he may just have been the first European to discover America.

While the tradition of pilgrimage to Mount Brandon predates even St Brendan, the Christian church incorporated this pagan route into a medieval pilgrimage path. Mount Brandon joined holy sites like Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Rome in Italy, destinations where pilgrims walk to encounter God.

To celebrate these quests we have produced an Italian pilsner. We dry hopped it to the heavens with Loral, the Super Noble hop with distinctive floral, herbal and peppery notes, making this beer a delightful sipper to savour.