Why Tequila Will Be The Drink of 2017

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Tequila looks set to follow in the footsteps of Gin and see a colossal growth spurt in 2017. If you haven’t noticed already, Gin has become an incredibly trendy drink to have in a bar or at home. The range of gin has increased tenfold due to craft distillers and the use of it in numerous cocktails.


Tequila looks set to be a very trendy drink in 2017. Previous connotations that Tequila is just a shot to be knocked back and to get legless is passing. It is now becoming a drink that is to be tasted like a fine Bordeaux wine. The quality of Tequila has been improving steadily over the last few decades, and this has not gone unnoticed by the drinks industry juggernaut, Diageo. They have acquired the premium Don Julio brand, who have brought us Jose Cuervo, one of the most popular tequilas in the world. Other powerhouses such as Pernod Ricard have invested heavily in premium tequilas.

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Most people’s experience with tequila would have been after having 8 pints, and in preparation to fuel hours of dancing, having a few shots of tequila, whilst grimacing. With that being said you should definitely give tequila another go. Tequila has incredible flavour and depth. You just have to know which one to buy and a little about tequila in general.


Tequila is made from the agave plant and 100% agave is optimal. With premium tequila, you can sip it like a fine cognac; it has been likened to having the in-depth flavours of a fine whiskey and the smoothness of a high end vodka. With the expected growth of Tequila in 2017, expect to see tequila used in more and more cocktails.

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Patron Silver Tequila

Patrón Silver tequila is the perfect ultra-premium white spirit. Using only the finest 100 percent Weber blue agave, it is handmade in small batches to be smooth, soft and easily mixable.

El Jimador Tequila Blanco 70cl

El Jimador Tequila Blanco has a smooth and distinct agave taste with hints of citrusy sweetness. Clean and warm finish with soft, citrusy after-tones.

Sauza Silver Tequila 700ml

Sauza is crystal clear. Approachable aromas of jasmine and lime, followed by fresh agave and green apple aromas. Warm with a moderate bite and a hint of grapefruit with a medium bodied sweet finish with an almond like astringency.

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