What I Learned From Having A Semi-Dry January

Studies show that even a short break from alcohol can improve your weight, skin, immune system, sleep and create healthier drinking habits. Personally, I’ve never felt an urge to completely give up alcohol. This January however, I decided to restrict myself to drinking only the 7 units of alcohol a weekly. This is the recommended weekly intake for women. So, although I can’t say my January was completely arid, it was a lot drier than usual. Here’s what I learned over the last month.

Going out is not the same

Restricting myself to a quota of 5 drinks on a night out proved far more difficult than I imagined. Although the fifth drink usually brought me to the cusp, it did not push me over the edge, which made dealing with people who had went over the edge, far more difficult. This meant having to bow out early on certain nights. On the bright side it made for a far less wicked hangover the following day.

Loads Of Room For Activities

There's so much room for activities memeI found that, even after a week, you have more time, and energy, to spend on more wholesome activities. So, for a start, I used my local gym more often than usual. But be warned, many people do so during this particular month, so, it means much longer wait times.The gym didn’t prove enough to fill the void, so I started doing hikes on Sunday. Typically a day of rest, (or being hungover beyond help) for me, I decided to start getting more fresh air and Ticknock hill provided this along with some amazing scenery. I also

Better skin

bosco the puppetThis is not something I’d normally think about but it was something that became really obvious as the month went on - your skin will feel much better! Yes, I normally have very dry skin but committing to the semi-dry January has sorted that out. The fact that alcohol dries out your skin is no secret, so go figure, I drank less alcohol and found my skin was less flaky and my cheeks were not as red as usual.

More Money For Your Pocket

Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all memePossibly the most significant finding of all is that I spend all my money on alcohol. For the first time ever I wasn’t sweating for this months pay cheque to come through.  Probably because so much of that pay cheque typically gets spent on nights out. Through observance, I also realized that a greater portion of people's money tends to get spent at the tail of the night, by which stage, people have all fallen in love with each other and forgot that there supply of money is finite.

New year, new drinks

Knowing that I only had 5 drinks to consume on any given night out, I decided I was going to make the most of the units I had at my disposal. For this reason, my approach changed to one of quality over quantity. Where normally I would I have just picked up a crate of whatever beer was cheapest, on a given week, I started to shop for craft beers. Similarly, in bars, I switched from pints of Heineken to craft beers and the occasional cocktail and, along with strolls up Ticknock, this is a habit I will look to continue long after this semi-dry January ends.

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