Top 6 Stouts to Try Before You Die

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Stouts are becoming more and more popular on the craft beer scene. It seems like most craft beer breweries are trying their hand at brewing some type of stout variation. There are a number of different styles of stout, and this is something that will continue to grow over time, as craft breweries experiment and continue to evolve the stout category.


We stock one of the best ranges of stouts in Ireland. In our annual Molloys Craft Beer Awards, Stouts where one of the most popular categories, and it was a nightmare to make a shortlist of the top 6, as so many other quality stouts missed out. That just shows the quality of stouts being brewed at the moment, there is so much complexity and so much going on within each different stout.


Stouts are generally dark in colour, with very distinct flavours of roasted malts, caramel, coffee and chocolate. These are some flavours that can be expected in most stouts, but they all vary and have their own different characteristics, making each one quite unique. Stouts are normally creamy with very little sweetness and a rather enjoyable bitterness.


Here are the top 6 Craft Stouts you must try. Read about the Molloys Craft Beer Awards Here.


Galway Bay Buried at Sea:

This stout really is a treat; amazing flavours of chocolate, rich an decedent throughout, very well balanced; making this stout extremely easy to drink.

Galway Bay Buried at Sea 500ml

Stone Xocoveza:

This stout was originally meant to have been a one off, but it turned out to be so good, that Stone decided it had to be produced every year. Xocoveza really is bursting with incredible aromas and flavours; layered with cocoa, coffee, pepper, vanilla and some cinnamon.

Stone Xocoveza

Brewdog Cocoa Psycho:

Cocoa Psycho is a really smooth Imperial stout, with an ABV of 10%. Some really nice flavours of dark malts, coffee beans, vanilla and cacao nibs.

Brewdog Cocoa Psycho 33cl

Trouble Brewing Coisbo:

Coisbo is a really delicious milk stout, with a very drinkable ABV of 5.8%. Nice balanced flavours of cocoa and vanilla, very rich and indulgent throughout. Brewdog teamed up with a Danish Brewery called Coisbo Beer, to make this collaboration.

Trouble Brewing Coisbo Milk Stout

Siren Broken Dream:

This is one of the best craft stouts you will find. This really is a complex stout, with so much imagination. Great flavours of chocolate, coffee milk and oats, with a very nice smokiness. Full of flavour and brewed to perfection.

Siren's Broken Dream

Founders Breakfast Stout:

This really has become an iconic stout at this stage. It recently won the stout category of the annual Molloys Craft Beer Awards; fending off the above 5 to claim the prize. This stout has very nice flavours of coffee and bitter chocolate.

Founders Breakfast Stout 330ml

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