Six Gluten Free Beers That Actually Taste Like Beer

Six Gluten Free Beers That Actually Taste Like Beer

The growth in numbers of people subscribing to gluten free diets has lead to the creation of an entire industry where companies manufacture gluten free counterparts to everyday food and drink products to meet growing demand. Most beers are inherently gluten rich and for that reason we have seen the proliferation of gluten free beers and breweries in recent years. These beers range in quality from great to downright god awful. Here are six we can recommend.

Nick Stafford’s Hambleton Ales GFA, 4.8% - €4.19

Nick Stafford's Gluten Free Ale Nick Stafford's Gluten Free Ale

This World Beer award winner is big on flavour. Full bodied, with initial sweetness giving way to pronounced fruit and hop character with strong citrus finish. A must try for craft beer lovers who are looking to sacrifice gluten without having to compromise on taste.



Estrella Damm Daura Gluten-Free Lager, 5.4% - €3.29

Estrella Damm Duara bottle and glass of beer Estrella Damm Duara

The world's most popular and award winning gluten free beer, Estrella’s Duara is probably the least adventurous beer on this list in terms of flavour but a solid go to for lager drinkers looking for a gluten free tipple. It is fruity and floral on the nose with a hint of sweet spices and, while this beer is sessionable, it packs quite a punch at 5.4% ABV.



Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free, 5.1% - €2.50

Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free bottle Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free

This gluten-free beer uses the exact same ingredients as regular Peroni Nastro Azzurro. A specific enzyme is added at the end of the brewing process which removes the gluten, ensuring Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free can be enjoyed by coeliacs or those choosing to lead a gluten-free lifestyle. A must try for fans Peroni fans looking for a gluten free alternative.



Hufi Gluten Free Beer, 5.8% - €2.00

hufi gluten free beer can Hufi Gluten Free Beer

Probably my favourite beer on the list, Hufi is ideal for those people who are gluten averse and calorie conscious. Although it only contains 93 calories this beer does not lack in character or strength. Slightly hopped with citrus flavours and a smooth finish this beer is delicious served cold with a slice of lemon.



Against the Grain Gluten Free 500ml, 4.5% - €3.99

Against The Grain Gluten Free Beer bottle Against The Grain Gluten Free Beer

This gluten free beer is also suitable for vegans. It pours a pale straw colour with a billowing white head; and a grainy aroma with some citrus and grassy hops. The taste is bitter, with some sweet malt and citrus and a fresh green hopped bitterness to finish.



Dungarvan Comeragh Challenger Gluten Free 500ml, 3.8% - €3.40 

Dungarvan Comeragh Challenger Gluten Free Beer bottle Dungarvan Comeragh Challenger

Named after a route on the Sean Kelly cycling tour that runs through the Comeragh Mountains, this English-style pale ale which is brewed using the naturally occurring hard water of West Waterford and hopped solely with Challenger hops to produce a traditional bitter. The malty profile and floral hops make for an elegant and understated ale. The best Irish-made gluten free beer.

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