PEARSE THE ORIGINAL – Taster thoughts by Lee Wilson

PEARSE THE ORIGINAL – Molloys Liquor Stores

Taster thoughts by Lee Wilson


Having just opened their doors this past August, the Pearse distillery is Dublin's newest edition to the Irish Whiskey market. The first of four releases, The Original comes with a green label which helps showcase the copper bronze colour of this classic looking bottle.

It must be mentioned off the top, it is rare to find an Irish Whiskey that offers the lover of peaty Scotch an acceptable alternative. PEARSE THE ORIGINAL happily takes its place in the market where an opportunity certainly lies to fill in a void. On the nose, you will immediately recognize this pleasant peaty aroma straight away. Taking in a deeper second breath, you will pick up an added aroma of caramel as the whiskey gets closer to your tongue. The result when in your mouth reveals a flavourful burst with very little burn as it settles on your tongue. Once tasted, the wash is smoother than most, allowing that peatiness you originally sensed on the nose reappearing after the initial swallow.




Pearse Lyons in his distillery













An agreeably mild, polished whiskey that will satisfy the palate of any aficionado of peaty tasting whiskey. At a very reasonable 42.95 (Euro) and a perfectly balanced 42% ABV, this is a must Whiskey to accompany the others in your collection!
This is a definite recommend and alternative for anybody looking for a quality Irish Whiskey that stands up to any top Islay Scotch.



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