Non-Alcoholic Beers


It's January again and some of you may be looking to try something a little different for New Year.  Below are some of the non alcoholic beers & ciders that we have in Molloys.
Erdinger Non Alcohol
Very popular in Germany, this brand is advertised as as multi vitamin drink to athletes. Erdinger Weissbier 'non-alcoholic' is brewed with the customary care and experience gained from over 110 years of brewing tradition and in accordance with the highest quality standards.
Erdinger's master brewers have succeeded in retaining the aromatic, full-bodied Erdinger character - even without alcohol. It is this unique flavor which has spread the fame of Erdinger Weissbräu far beyond the borders of Germany.
Baltika 0
A huge favourite and definitely my favourite non alcoholic lager.  You wouldn't know it was alcohol free when drinking.  This Russian brand has been repeatedly declared the best alcohol-free beer at Russian and international professional contests. In 2006 the Baltika №0 received a most prestigious award: a silver medal in the Alcohol-Free Beer category at the International Tasting Contest of the Brewers’ Association — the World Beer Cup 2006. In 2008 this brand was awarded a bronze medal in the Low Alcohol Packaged category at the Australian International Beer Awards contest as well as the Platinum Osiris in the Best Alcohol-Free Beer category of the professional Osiris Contest at the X Big Moscow Beer Festival. In addition, this brand was declared the best by the results of people’s tasting at the beer festival in Moscow.
Kopparberg Non Alcoholic Pear Cider

The first alcohol free pear cider, it delivers the same great taste as with all Kopparberg ciders.  Available in 500ml bottles.

Weihenstephaner Non Alcoholic
A cloudy non alcohol wheat beer with a smooth malt background, yeast flavours, spicy, with fruity banana overtones. Medium bodied, and good flavours for a non alcoholic beer. Thanks to the gentle process for removing alcohol, which the brewery developed in collaboration with the University Munich-Weihenstephan their non-alcoholic yeast wheat beer offers you everything you expect from a premium beer. And you don't have to be worried about driving. Available in 500ml bottle.  
Maisels Weisse Non Alcoholic

Sometimes I'm too lazy to write up info on a beer.  This time however I've taken this verbatim from a German beer review site that had also (very badly)
translated the review in English.  Enjoy!!!!!

Maisel’s Weisse Alcohol-free is the ideal fitness and wellness beverage for active and health conscious connoisseur. The sporty version of Maisel’s Weisse is made like any other Maisel’s Weisse varieties of only natural raw materials, containing vitamins, isotonic, using 40% less calories. With a proprietary brewing process has succeeded the master brewers of avoiding alcohol sparing, which the characteristics of Maisel’s Weisse remain preserved. Also shines so this version with the unique bright reddish amber color and a spicy-fruity taste sensation.