New Beer and an old friend

Here at Molloys we're trying to constantly add new and different products for our discerning customers.  A new lager that we've added this week is Tuskar lager, out first beer from East Africa, this 500ml bottle is in selected Molloys stores for €2.49.
Tusker Lager was the first beer in East Africa, being brewed there since 1922 by Kenya Breweries Ltd. Tusker lager is the winner or over 15 'Monde Selection Gold Medals'. The Monde Selection is an official institution established by the Belgium Government and checks for the highest quality standards in 
freshness, flavour and appearance.
Tusker is a medium lager at 4.2% It pours medium yellow in colour 
but with little of a head. It is quite crisp and 

clean and makes an ideal 'Sunday Afternoon' beer. Tusker leaves a satisfactory after taste. It tastes quite sweet and fruity. It has much more of a taste to it than many 

lagers and if you are looking for something different then this is probably worth 
checking out.
Victoria Bitter (better known as VB) was one of our best selling beers from Australia for many years.  Unfortunately with the constant mergers and takeovers of the world's largest beer companies in recent years, it became impossible to get VB here.  Until now that it.  We're delighted to have it back on our shelves.  You can now get a 6pk 375ml bottles for only €9.99. 
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