Everything you need to know about a Bin-End Wine Sale

Bin-End Sale What is a Bin-End Sale?

The phrase ‘bin end’ refers to the traditional way of storing wine in a cellar. Each wine was given a different location or ‘bin’, and each had a bin number.  This made it easier for waiters to locate specific wines when ordered by a customer.

A bin end sale is where the last of a particular lot of wine is being sold off, at a reduced price.  There can often be great value to be had, and are a useful way of stocking up, particularly if there’s a big occasion or event coming up.

Reasoning of the Bin-End Sale

At Molloys, we are clearing the decks for our new wines to arrive. We’ve almost twenty wines in our Bin End Sale, which has just started.  A snapshot of what’s on offer can be found below. The wines and quantities will vary by store, by nature of the offer, and of course, when they are gone, they are gone. Avoid disappointment by ordering online now.

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Some Amazing Offers 


Vivolo Cabernet Sauvignon

Vivolo Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 an Italian red with mature aromas of autumn hedgerow, a hint of leather, and blackberry spicy aromas.  Medium bodied, with softened tannins.  Flavours are spicy, peppery, with dark blackberry and blackcurrant. 

Vivolo Merlot 2014 - lovely summery light-bodied red, nice and smooth.  Enjoy summer fruit flavours of ripe plums, watermelon followed by a spicy kick! 

Sancho Garces Rioja Joven

Sancho Garces Joven 2015 fantastic intensity of vibrant ripe black plums & warm spice, with medium tannin and a long finish.  This is a young fruity Rioja, which over-delivers, even at full-price!

Caude Val Syrah 2015 a medium-bodied, smooth Southern French red, with rich juicy berry, herbal flavours, and a touch of white pepper on a really long finish. 

Château Minvieille Bordeaux Blanc

Chateau Minvielle Bordeaux Blanc 2012- fresh, dry, crisp white, with delicious grassy, slightly herbal character.

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