Meet Jean-Claude Mas & His Wines

Meet Jean-Claude Mas:

Charismatic French estate owner’ is how he has been described.  He is perhaps the most eminent and respected winemaker/estate owners in France’s Languedoc. While over 70% of this region’s production is from co-operatives, Jean-Claude Mas prefers to craft his own, special wines.   Earlier this year, The Irish Times’ wine critic, John Wilson, singled him out as being a great winemaker who could equally make very affordable wines.

Jean Claude mas and his sports car

‘Good value wines’ is what we are all about in Molloys.  We count ourselves extremely lucky to be the exclusive importer of several of his labels. We’ve been buying directly from Domaines Paul Mas (named after his great-grandfather) for several years.

One of our most popular and longstanding ranges is Domaine Claude Val, a range of four solid varietals (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet), offering exceptional, reliable, everyday value wines.


Last year we introduced Claude Val Organic wines, in red and white, with a good reaction from the press, and more importantly, our customers.  Farming his vineyards organically is a big focus for Jean-Claude, and he plans to be fully organic in his vineyards by 2020.  Mildew and rot are one of the biggest problems facing grape growers, but in the dry Languedoc, rot is rarely an issue.  Hence, the vineyards can be farmed very naturally, without any artificial pesticides or chemicals.  He is also moving towards sulfur-free wines.

Jean Claude Mas and his wines

dA Malbec is another popular seller.  It really over-delivers on quality at the price and makes a perfect red wine for steak (so our customers tell us!).  Although it reads as ‘Da’ (and possibly a perfect wine for Father’s Day), it’s short for “d’Astruc” as it’s from the Astruc vineyard.

Château Martinolles is another of his ten estates, this one in Limoux, a relatively cool region which funnels cool area from the west.  If you are looking for a special occasion wine that won’t break the bank, both the red and the white have been bombarded with praise in the press in the last year.

Ch. Martinolles white was chosen as one of the ‘100 best wines to drink’ in 2018 by John Wilson, of The Irish Times.  (…sounds like a good ‘bucket-list’!)

Jean-Claude Mas was born into wine in the Languedoc.  Although the Languedoc isn’t as famous as other French regions, Jean-Claude is keen to point out “in markets where consumers are more discerning, they recognize that there can be good wine at a good price – so they are more adventurous.”  Domaines Paul Mas extends to 1500 acres across the Languedoc in the south of France.  It includes more than ten estates.

vinyard in france

At the age of three, during the harvest, he escaped from his mother and ran 2.5 km to meet his grandfather in the cellar!    He is renowned for perfection and attention to detail.  Not happy with the local restaurants, he decided to build his own on the estate.   He is fiercely proud of the rugged natural landscape and way of life in his area – ‘rural luxury’ he calls it.

Why not try a little ‘rural luxury’ yourself.  Available exclusively at and in-store.

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