Love chocolate & red wine? Essential Easter wine tips:

Love chocolate & red wine?  Essential Easter wine tips:

If you love chocolate & red wine, we’ve got some interesting news for you! And if you don’t, then this blog will turn you into a chocolate thief this Easter… (kids should hide their eggs!)

The classic wine and chocolate pairing is a sweet wine - such as port or sweet Muscats.  Ripasso reds from Italy are also fantastic alternative, and have become really popular.

Most chocolate lovers will choose an everyday dry red wine rather than a sweet wine.  Yet some combinations are better than others.  The wrong pairing can make the wine taste horribly bitter.  The trick is to balance the level of sweetness, texture and key flavours in the chocolate against those in the wine. So we’ve done extensive practical research (and piled on a few pounds) to make it simple for you:

The easiest chocolate and wine combo is a fruity, smooth red wine and milk chocolate.  In terms of grape varieties, Merlot is one of the best varieties to match up. Pinot Noir would be a close second.  The reason is that these varieties don’t have harsh tannin (which has a drying effect) which can make the wine taste bitter.

Plain and dark chocolate is where it starts to become tricky, as the weightier mouthfeel can clash with tannin in a red wine.  The best wine is an intensely fruity New World red, with soft tannin, to bring out the flavour and both wine and chocolate.

If white chocolate is your thing, then look for Gewurztraminer (white wine) or a sparkling Asti which is sweet.

And if you like flavoured chocolate, try to match the flavour in the chocolate with the flavour in the wine.  Chili chocolate (Lindt have a nice one) is lovely with spicy New World Shiraz. Our tasting notes in-store will help you figure out what flavours to expect in wine, and as always, our staff are happy to help.

Here’s some great matches for you to try from Molloy’s exclusive range:

Gran Passione is probably the ‘go-to’ wine for chocolate loversA full-bodied, yet smooth, with generous dark and dried fruits, sweet spice, and a rich warm chocolate and fruity finish. Great with milk, plain or dark chocolate. €14.99.

Caleo Primitivo – great with milk chocolate.  Deliciously juicy, fruity easy-drinking smooth red, with juicy red and black fruit.  €8.99.

Unico Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is another great choice for milk and plain chocolate.  Smooth and flavoursome enough for both milk and plain chocolate.  Red plums, a hint of pepperiness, beautifully silky and smooth. €9.69.


Messias 10 year old Tawny is beautifully rich, with sweet dried fruit, layers of caramel and toasted hazelnuts, and a long sweet finish – perfect for caramel and nutty chocolate!  €15.99

One final finger-licking tip: Molloys exclusives are specially sourced, so that we can pass on great savings to you 365 days of the year - allowing you to pocket the difference and treat yourself to a couple of bars of chocolate!