Fairy Ale of New York

MacColl and MacGowan at the piano

It’s clearly a clever play on the best Christmas Song of all time “Fairy Tale of New York”, well in my opinion it’s the best Christmas song of all time, and probably a good majority of the Irish population would share the same opinion! Producing a high quality Craft Beer is not easy. It takes time, planning and dedication; that’s exactly what went into the Molloys exclusive Fairy Ale of New York.


After successfully producing a delicious Session Pale ale called “All Night Long” during the summer; which coincidentally, was released around the same time Lionel Richie was playing in Dublin; we decided we would please the masses by producing another brew, this time we made it a little stronger and a little hoppier.

Fairy Ale Of New York


We unfortunately don’t have our own brewery, so to make this beer we teamed up with Rascals Brewing, who are based in Dublin. They are incredible brewers and they produced the IPA exactly the way we wanted. They used an innovative hop-bursting technique, which has given the flavour profile an extra hoppy dimension.


Fairy Ale of New York hit our shelves a couple of weeks ago, and it has received excellent reviews across the board. It is a limited edition craft beer and it will sell out at a rapid rate. You can buy this beer online at molloys.ie or in any of our stores across Dublin.

Fairy Ale Of New York Gift Pack

If you are looking for an excellent stocking filler, Fairy Ale of New York is the solution, it would also make an excellent Kris Kindle gift. We also have a massive range of hampers and craft beer packs available. If you’re unsure about what craft beer to buy your other half, friend or relative, read this article for advice.

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