Dungarvan Brewing Company

We've recently listed the 3 beers produced by Dungarvan Brewing Co and they've been selling well.  The three beers are all in 500ml bottles and sell for €3.29 each. Here's more info on them -

Black Rock Irish Stout

A good, old-fashioned bottle of stout. Robust, full-bodied with roasted barley flavours that give a slight coffee taste that is nicely complemented by notes of vanilla and aniseed.  Has been described as “how stout used to taste”! This stout can be enjoyed with robust meat dishes or on its own ‘from the shelf’.  Can even work as a “dessert beer”.

Copper Coast Red Ale
This is a smooth, fruity ale with a small amount of hop bitterness but more of a caramel taste  that makes it a lot easier to drink than the blonde ale. A lot of lager drinkers have said how they didn't *think* they were ale fans, but liked this one. Perfect accompaniment to any roasted meats as the caramel character of both complement each other nicely.

Helvick Gold Blonde Ale

A refreshing, citrusy blonde ale but with a stronger bitter hop flavour.  More of a challenging drink than the others, appeals to people who are ‘into their beers’, but for someone not as used to trying other beers the red may be a better choice.  A good ‘sunny day’ drink. Works very well with spicy food .

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