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Coravin is ‘this season’s wine gadget’ according to Tomas Clancy in The Sunday Business Post.

This revolutionary wine accessory has been taking the wine world by storm. It is a unique way of accessing wine, without pulling the cork. For lovers and enthusiasts of premium wine, it is a must-have item – a gift for someone who has everything!

“Coravin is going to revolutionise drinking wine…. and being able to access multiple wines in your cellar and have the choice of as many as you want.” – Robert Parker, wine critic.

How it works:
A thin, hollow needle is inserted through the cork. The bottle is pressurised with argon, a neutral gas which has no impact on the wine. The wine flows through the needle. The cork, being porous, re-seals itself. The wine can be accessed months, or even years later.

• Enjoy a glass of your favourite wine, without having to finish the bottle.
• Check the development of your wine.
• Become more creative with food & wine matching – pairing different dishes with a glass of your chosen wine.

Each Coravin pack contains:
•Coravin 1000 (Standard needle included)
•Two (2) Coravin™ Capsules (pressurised argon gas)
•Storage base
•Needle clearing tool
•Neoprene bottle sleeve
•Coravin Quick start guide

Who is using it?
• In New York, trio sommeliers couldn’t detect any difference between a Coravin-accessed bottle and a just-opened bottle of the same wine – although the Coravin version was first opened nine years previously!
• Worldwide, sommeliers, Masters of Wine, and the most prestigious Châteaux of the world agree that it works.
• Restaurateurs can now offer all their premium wines by the glass.
• Ancient wines can be drunk without risking a crumbly cork.
• It’s estimated that Coravin is now used on half a million bottles per day around the world.

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