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Prosecco has become popular on people’s lips (quite literally!) in recent years. Its easy-drinking style and affordable price tag makes it perfect for setting the occasion for a great evening. With subtle flavours of apple, grape, melon, flowers, and delicate body and acidity, how can you go wrong?

Yet not all prosecco is the same… quality and intensity of flavour and bubbles varies quite a bit.  At Molloys, we just love our bubbles, and are delighted to share the love by offering you a fantastic choice  of prosecco!

Made in the Veneto region, just outside romantic Venice, Glera grapes are fermented to make a light, fruity base wine. Then sugar and yeast are added to encourage a second fermentation. This second fermentation creates bubbles, and as the wine is filtered and bottled, the bubbles are trapped in the wine.

The slower the second fermentation, the smaller and more effervescent the bubbles will be. Prosecco is mostly made in a dry (‘Brut’) style (like Casabianca Brut Prosecco), but is also seen in off-dry (labelled, rather confusingly, as ‘Extra Dry’) and medium dry (‘Dry’). If you like a little sweetness, try our Botter Extra Dry Prosecco.
Vineyard zones which give best flavour intensity include Conegliano, Asolo, Treviso, and these will often be mentioned on the label, such as our Casabianca Treviso Extra Dry – a recent addition we couldn’t say ‘No’ to!
Quality and intensity varies significantly. At the least expensive, is Prosecco Frizzante - a lightly sparkling and delicately-flavoured wine, recognised by its string & cork closure (requiring a corkscrew), or indeed a screwcap. Borgo da Sassi is our most popular frizzante, with its sleek and silvery label.

Prosecco Spumante is fully sparkling, better quality wine, sealed with a muzzle. La Marca Prosecco Conegliano has recently been awarded the Noffla Goldstar Award – for best value sparkling under €25.

Since the style is light, it is best drunk when young and fresh. In Italy, dry styles are appreciated as an aperitif. Sweeter styles are delicious with sponge cake served with sun-ripened local peaches or cherries.

Prosecco prices at Molloys are always keen, as we import many of these directly from the vineyards. You can be assured that we have great value prosecco on offer all the time, rather than a gimmicky promotional offer.  Browse our complete prosecco range now online.

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