Caribbean Classics


We've gone very Caribbean in the last few weeks and listed two of the most iconic beers of that region.

Red Stripe

Red Stripe is an icon reflecting the roots, vibrancy, and pride of the Jamaican people.  It all began in 1928 when two Jamaicans, Desnoes & Geddes (D&G) began brewing it in a soda-pop factory in Kingston. The brand has been the recipient of numerous international awards for fine quality and taste including 11 gold medals at the Monde Selection and the “Grand Gold Medal” in Barcelona in 1991.
Red Stripe Jamaican Lager has a refreshing taste, perfectly balancing malty-sweet and lightly hoppy flavors. The result is a lager that’s crisp, clean and easy to drink. Red Stripe is moderate in body, bitterness, hop aroma and has a low butterscotch
flavor. 4.7% ABV.  It comes in 33cl bottles and retails for €2.99.
Cubanero Fuerte
Also known as Bucanero Fuerte, this lager is brewed in Holguin, Cuba. Bucanero Fuerte gets its name from old legends of the pirates that roamed the Caribbean sea.
It is a golden beer, with a vigorous and robust flavour.  Nice noble hop aroma. Light body, fairly bitter.  The beer is brewed in Holguin as this is where the best quality water can be found. 5.4% ABV, the cost is €2.29 for a 33cl bottle.