Bank holiday wine recommendations

Take inspiration from the wine critics when choosing your bank holiday wine.The Sunday Times has just chosen our La Marca Prosecco (€14.49) as one of the best prosecco in the country!

They also advised to look out for words on the label which denote better quality - Valdobbiadene means it comes from one of the better vineyard zones, and Spumante means that it is fully sparkling as opposed to lightly sparkling. We are happy to say that our La Marca ticks both boxes!

Over at The Daily Star, the editor there was 'very impressed with the quality at some very affordable prices.'

She picked out Ch. du Donjon Grand Tradition Minervois (€9.25), Douro from Caves Messias (€7.49) and Vivolo Montepulciano d'Abruzzo (€8.49).  Vivolo is also a bit of a staff favourite, as it happens.

Need we say more!