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If you have paid any attention to alcohol or social media in the last year or so, surely you have heard the abbreviation IPA! Maybe you heard a snobby barmen tell a customer that they don’t have Heineken on tap, but they do have a very popular IPA “that they must try”. Maybe you even pretended to know what it was; but that’s none of my business.

IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale, and no, it doesn’t mean the IPA the snobby barmen offered was from India. There are actually numerous stories and tales out there about the origin of IPA. It’s impossible to be 100% sure of the exact rendition. You will find the name George Hodgson fairly prominent in articles all over the internet, crediting him with the origins of IPA. The trouble with these stories is they don’t really align; it was said that during the 1700’s and 1800s, England held a massive colonial presence in India, which they did; and that the English soldiers and civilians had the goo on them for a few pints, which I would absolutely believe, considering it’s a bit warmer than Ireland over there!

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Supposedly because it was such a long journey over to India traditional beer would spoil on the way over to Ghandi-land; but that’s not true as the beer could potentially last well over a year in the casks. George was said to have come up with a solution to this problem, by making a pale ale. But pale ales were around well before George Hodgson’s time. Eventually the pale ales that were being shipped over to India became known as “Pale Ale for India”, many years later becoming known as Indian Pale Ale, thus the abbreviation IPA. So all in all it was just a big marketing ploy.

So that’s where the term IPA comes from; and IPA as a style of beer has grown astronomically. It’s a style that tends to have a high level of bitterness, which coincides with the amount of hops used when making this style of beer.

There are also many types of IPA’s, which also means a variation in some characteristics. You can have American IPA’s, English IPA’s, Double IPA’s, Triple IPA’s and Experimental IPA’s and so on. I will delve into different styles of IPA’s in future articles.

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