6 Incredible Red Ales

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Red Ale is wonderful, tasty and underrated. Not everyone can understand the flavour and depth of a good red ale. Those who do appreciate a good red ale know how dynamic it can be in terms of flavour. The reddish hue generally comes from a small amount of roasted barley. Many Red Ales are medium bodied, smooth with a caramel malt flavour and moderate carbonation.

Craft beer experts in Molloys, had to whittle their favourite red ales down to a super 6. These 6 red ales were then entered into the Molloys Craft Beer Awards. All of them are unique in their own way, and they should all be tried!

Siren Liquid Mistress 33cl

Siren Liquid Mistress

Is a bright red ale, with an ABV of 5.8%. Lovely burnt raisin flavours with a nice citrusy balance.

Big Hop Red

Rascals Big Hop Red

A quite hoppy red ale with some distinct malt caramel. Lovely aromas of citrus and pine which complement the caramel and biscuit malt notes.

BrewDog 5 AM Saint 330ml

BrewDog 5AM Saint 

Nicely balanced red ale, with a distinctive caramel malt flavour and nice fruit aromas.

8 Degrees Sunburnt Irish Red 330ml

8 Degrees Sunburnt

Rich red in colour. Lovely burnt caramel flavours, which is balanced with a soft hop bitterness.

Franciscan Well Rebel Red

Franciscan Well Rebel Red

Balanced hop/malt profile with a nice caramel and biscuit finish. Very easy drinking, accessible red ale.

Galway Bay Ale 500ml

Galway Bay Bay Ale

Copper in colour with a malt forward flavour. Smooth, refreshing and very well balanced

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