5 Ciders To Get You Through The Irish Heatwave


Savanna Dry is a South African Cider that was first produced in the Elgin Valley in 1996 and has since become the third biggest cider brand in the world. This clear, refreshing and dry tasting cider takes only two weeks to produce and during this period; the product is run through a micro-filtration process where it is triple filtered and double chilled. On a hot day there are not many drinks as refreshing as an ice-cold bottle of Savanna as you can tell from the image below.

savanna dry cider poster

Its makers say ÄLSKA is all about pure love and top quality and they have been spreading this pure love around the world since 2012. ÄLSKA, which means love in Swedish, is probably the best fruit cider I’ve ever tasted with the Strawberry & Lime and Passionfruit ciders being particular standouts. Its also the only product within its competitive set to be vegan, gluten-free and natural. All the more reason to love ÄLSKA.

alska cider bottlesSHEPPY'S

Sheppy's are one of the oldest premium craft cider making families in the world with over 200 years experience crafting classic Somerset cider. With flavors including raspberry, original cloudy and elderflower, Sheppy's are perfect for cider fans who are looking for something a little different to sip on this summer.

sheepys cidersTEMPTED CIDER

Tempted Cider is made in Armagh by one of the world's most renowned cider making families. They use Armagh Bramley apples which have earned Protected Geographical Indication status by the EU for their unique, sharp, clean taste. The Uprichard family also source special cider apple varieties from Co.Tipperary so as to include only the finest quality apples in the finished product.

tempted cidersJACK DANIELS CIDER

Recently launched in Ireland, Jack Daniels Cider is not like any cider I’ve tasted before. The unmistakable flavour of Jack Daniel’s still runs to the core with this new drink, while blending crisp handpicked apples for a refreshing twist. Jack Daniels describe the drink as "crisp and lightly spiced with hints of caramel and vanilla", and, although it might not be for everyone, it's probably the most distinctive cider I’ve tasted and a must try for fans of the whisky.

jack daniels cider and an apple

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