2015: a year of Craft Beer in Molloys


Everyone is talking about the explosion of Craft Beer and microbreweries in Ireland. We’d like to share what we’ve been doing with Molloys’ craft beer for several years. Our mission is to keep our craft beer customers not just happy, but thrilled with our range.

We know that you love to try new craft beers all the time. Microbrewers can be a little secretive, for various reasons, so we are in touch on a weekly basis to find out what’s new or in the pipeline, so that we can secure an allocation for our stores.

When it comes to Limited Edition beers and seasonal beers, supermarkets can’t be bothered, but we jump in feet first, once we are satisfied with the quality.

Irish craft beers are a big thing for us – maybe because we are an Irish family-owned business. Although we are true to our Dublin roots, we like to give every county a fair crack of the whip!

So far this year, we have brought you 174 new craft beers, 64 of these were Irish craft beers, and 80 were special editions/limited releases. And the year is far from over - we are expecting at least 5 more Limited Release Craft Beers in the next couple of weeks.

(Congrats to Ronan Gallagher, who wins our Limited Edition prize for cleverly guessing the nearest number of new Irish craft beers).

Highlights this year were Brewdog’s Born To Die - ‘limited with a capital ‘L.’ !! Who can forget 8 Degrees Millennium IPA or Dungarvan’s Seaweed Saison. And one of my favourites, Kinnegar’s Swingletree II.

While it’s fascinating to try new beers, there’s some great ‘go to’ beers which we fall back on quite happily. These are great beers for novice craft beer drinkers to try. Kinnegar Scraggy Bay & Limeburner, 8 Degrees Howling Gale, Black’s Kinsale Pale Ale and Black IPA, Lagunitas IPA and of course the old reliable Galway Hooker. If you haven’t tried some of these yet, take a tip from me and snap them up - you won’t be disappointed.

Have you noticed how so many of our staff are passionate about craft? They just love sharing new finds with regular customers. Several have completed beer judging programmes. So don’t be shy asking for advice – we are bursting to tell you!

Finally, Kevin Molloy believes our customers deserve really cold beer! This year, our Leopardstown store took in a huge new fridge, giving a phenomenal range. Liberties’ libations will soon be much colder too, as we are set to double the size of our craft beer fridge there.

So, are we on the right track to keeping you thrilled? Let us know!